My Awards

I have designed these awards to present to other sites to distinguish their efforts for various reasons.  Please pay attention to the  causes each award is designed for.  If your site addresses those causes, feel free to grab the award and post it  to your site.  Please e-mail me or make a notation in the Guest Book if you take one so I can come and see it.  I'm very grateful that people find my awards worthy of displaying!  Awards are shown in full size capacity so you can see the detail.  Feel free to re-size it on your page.

Most Sincerely Yours,
the Emerald Hag

this award is designed to pay tribute for those who have children's pages and/or have anti-child abuse in any form.

this award was designed for the same intents and purposes as the first;  feel free to take them both.

this award is a special award for those individuals who invest their time to help me when I ask for help.

an award I offer to sites that impress me as being well managed during my surfing hours, not to be confused with the sites I return to over and over.

this award is for sites that spread the Word of God and share their belief in Him anyone who believes may put this award on their site.

this next Award is a special for Graphic Sites that  I find simply outstanding in every way - - - and maneuverability between the pages is a biggie.

it's a new one and there are a few sights I have to go back and present it to.

more to come