Me & Mom

My Mother is a crafty person.  She's into crochet, doll making, quilting, cross stitch, and drawing.  When I was little, I drove her nuts  wanting to crochet.  I finally mastered the art  when she finally made something I really wanted, a pineapple tablecloth!  She made it;  I said I wanted it;  she disappeared into a back room and I was sure I was getting the tablecloth!  Ha!  Double Ha!  She came back with the pattern, a hook and a ball of Aunt Lydia's bedspread cotton.  White!  She set it on the table and  said there it was, if I wanted it - make it!

Well;  I wanted it! And I made it.  No easy feat since I only knew how to chain!  Took a long time, don't know how many times I tore my stitches out!  I got a basic stitch book and that was the start.  I made the tablecloth and when I found out I could fight my way through a pattern, I made afghans, musical poodles, tablecloths and Elves!  Yep! Elves!  The elves were a passion!

The woman who made me want to learn.


When my back went, so did the crochet.  Oh, I pick up a hook now and then.  Have two tablecloths started.  Been started for five years!  Have to sit too still for too long for my back.  Lost some of the passion for crochet, but not for the elves!  Now I swipe the ones Mom labors over.  She makes these things night and day.  She's into it like I am the computer.

Guess I should show you what I'm talking about, huh?   Okay!


See what I mean.  They're cute!  You can make them sit, dangling the legs off a shelf,  let the lounge in a teacup, lay him down, cross his legs and prop his head up with his arm!  Or, you can . . . . . .


Mom's elves

My tree and my elves

see if you can get as many on your Christmas tree as I can.  Last year, I didn't have any room for ornaments;  just lights and the elves!  I even replaced the tree topper with three of them sitting back to back!
Mom sells them for $6.00 each.  Not me, after sitting for 4 hours making an elf, I keep them!  One Christmas I was making them and the the 13 great nieces and nephews I use to have, each had to have an elf.  They weren't much more than babies back then.  Each of them would pick out two or three colors of yarn and I would sit there and make their elves out of the colors they chose.  That was a three day ordeal.

 Well;  this is Mom's little corner and I will add pictures later.  I do believe that woman's dragged me into every one of her crafty ideas - I run for my computer now and leave her to it!

Time for an update ( two years later) 10-15-2000:

Computer meets crochet;  Mom's work is now on eBay and Mom is interested in what I'm doing with the computers besides making graphics.  Thought about it for some time but didn't mention it until I knew more about eBay.  Last week, Mom showed me an ad in the paper where someone was willing to list things on eBay for people and Mom was asking me about it.  I told her she didn't need to do go to someone else, that I would open a sellers account and get setup to list the things but Mom is set in her ways and wants everything done last week (guess that's where I get it!).  So she took some things over and had them listed and brought me the URL even though she didn't know what it was.  I looked and was a little disappointed in the photography and the listings so I jumped in and set up an account - always intended to - just hadn't done it yet.

Mom finished a ruffled centerpiece two days ago and called me asking if I'd take the picture of it.  Knowing she would make a hasty trip to the other town if I didn't hussle, I grabbed the digital and jumped in the car.  I got the piece laid out and took the picture and then I showed her the pics in the viewer so she could see how they turned out.  She wanted to know how she would get the picture over to the lady who puts them on eBay and I told her she already did!

Now, it just isn't seemly to let her pay someone to do that which I can do when she's been taking care of me all my life - but I can't stop her when she wants something done right NOW!  Frustrating that she doesn't remember what it's like to have fifty things going on at once.

Anyway, here is the 28 inch centerpiece that went to eBay although I changed the background.

more to come, I think!