Judgement Day

There's a judgement day ahead of me
When God will open up His book
Of all the deeds of good and bad
And wisely take a look.

I'll stand before Him meek and mild
While He totals the deeds I've done
Will the good outweigh the bad;
Should I stand or should I run?

No, I'll take my chances in His mercy;
I'll stand there and trust in Him
For He's not the one who earned those marks
And made my chances slim.

He knows better than anyone
What I'm all about
He knows that I believe in Him
Whether I'm 'in' or 'out'.

He knows I turned from church;
He knows the reason why.
He knows all the bad I do
Before the day I die.

He knows of my impatience
And my temper's mighty fire;
He knows of my compassion
And that I'm not a liar.

He knows how far from the path I stray
When things get really tough;
He knows how very spiteful I can be
When I've had enough!

He knows how many times I called on Him
To help me through the day;
He knows how easily I weakened
When my strength faded away.

He knows that I'm loving, caring and giving,
Unforgiving, hateful and proud,
Stubborn, mouthy, willful and strong,
Sweet, meek, willing and loud.

He knows that I'm opinionated,
Sure of my fire, insecure and ashamed;
And He alone will decide
How much I am to blame.

If I make it to the Pearly Gates
Without Satan on my tail,
I believe God will rescue me
And bear witness to my tale.

I'll not ask Him for special favor
Or forgiveness for things I've done;
I'll not pretend I'm not at fault
Nor shift the blame to anyone.

I'll ask Him to mark me up
For the sins of all those I love
And remove their bad marks
From the books in Heaven above.

I'll ask Him to walk beside them
All of their lives through;
To forgive their every sin
Both the old ones, and the new.

I'll ask Him to let me face
Whatever His judgement may be,
Not only for my sins, but theirs
And set their souls free!

There's not anything I'd rather have
Than to know of sin they're free
And Satan can't get hold of them;
He'll have to settle for me!
                               CSGreen '96