Little Treasures
'F' is for Friend

In each award that I receive, there is a small piece of the creator.  These awards are from my Net Friends and shall be treasured even more than other gifts because they won't die and I don't have to dust them!  Thank you, each and every one of you!

the Emerald Hag

      June Carol                        WolfLady                            WolfLady


Carol                                   Carol

Lynda                              Lynda                             Lynda


Sue MaColl.                            GypsyRose                         Marilyn

the seekers   9-13-2003


It's always a pleasure to receive an award just because someone thought my site was worthy of it.

All of these lovely awards came from some lovely people and I'm more than graced by their friendship and twice blessed by their encouragement.  Wishing you all the Best!